Conscious Collectibles



We are committed to operating a modern and responsible business.

We cherish the joy that aesthetics and design bring to our everyday lives. We are patrons of the fundamental Scandinavian design philosophy that well executed aesthetic design provides emotional comfort and vitally enriches our daily lives as human beings.

We love our craft and cannot imagine a world without it, but recognize the need to reconnect with the creative source of our trade and renounce the endless season and sales driven industry push of overproduction.

We are pursuing a maximum use and minimum impact on the environment agenda and a no season and no sales policy, whilst admitting that producing clothes is at the end of the day supporting a form of consumption that should indeed be handled with care and moderation.

Think small

We are a small business and only produce in limited quantities to eliminate overproduction and encourage the principle of buying less in better quality.

Our mantra is “better sold out than overproduced”, and we will only re-issue garments in high demand.

We pursue a small company agenda to keep cost & CO2 imprint down, and to remain flexible, agile and open to change, in accordance with the development of industry techniques in relation to the environment.


We choose to collaborate with certified suppliers who pursue an ethical business philosophy and have the certifications to back up their intentions :  Our garment factories are all audited - preferably by BSCI, Sedex or SA8000.

We have a long term relationship with our suppliers who are trusted experts in delivering ethically sourced natural fibres, fair wages, clean energy & safe conditions.


We only produce in mono materials that are 100% pure & natural : 100% organic cottons, 100% organic linens, 100% tencel & 100% handknit wools.

We work in 100% pure fibre natural materials, not only because they are biodegradable – but also because it is easier to recycle 100% pure materials if the garment should perish.

With a “systems first” approach ; COÉME is a dogma driven synthesis between raw material and aesthetic. Selection of consciously made raw material generates the design, not the other way around.

Conscious Collectibles

Making responsible clothing requires aesthetic designs in high quality: Treasures that we want to keep in our closet selection and over time build our own personal edit of pieces.

We do not believe in fast and quickly shifting fashion, to just use and throw away. We like to take it slow and love the process of creating highly crafted and considered garments with soul……… Collectibles with an evergreen edge to keep and hand-me-down.

Peace & Love